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What we believe:

Our origins are from the Quaker movement, and the guiding principles for our original philosophy were taken from the teachings of Tolstoy and the Sermon on the Mount.

We do not have a church building and don't hold church services, although we do have services for weddings, funerals and other special occasions (held in the style of the Quaker meeting ceremonies) and we have our own burial ground in the field. We try to live by following our principles in deeds as well as thought, but we do not impose our ideas on anyone. We act on our beliefs even when they conflict with the laws of the land. We do not believe in blindly following the government's laws - we do what is right, not what the government would like to compel us to do. Some people call us anarchists.

Everyone is welcome here, regardless of their religious beliefs - in fact, not all our members and trustees hold any religious beliefs! We believe everyone should be respected and cared for, and that nature is valuable and should not be destroyed by man. We believe war and injustice are wrong, all people should be free, and the planet is not ours to destroy.

We believe everybody can and should participate in making this world a better place. They should demonstrate what they believe by acting on it.