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The pulpit:

We have had a wayside pulpit since we first moved here. It displays a message to people passing by, on a subject we feel strongly about and is relevant to the times. This page has the latest ones:

(On the terrorist attacks in London, July/August 2005)

Beating terrorism

BEST WAY: Try to understand what we do to drive people to sacrifice their lives in such a horrific way.

WORST WAY: Shoot them!

(On the G8 summit, July 2005)


They are the most powerful nations on earth

Their aim is to make money ("economic growth")

They meet in private

They have no rules

They don't invite anyone else

They control the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO and the WEF

If you think they are a group of benevolent philanthropists, you have a problem with logic

(On the UK general election, May, 2005)

Democracy, major global issues and intelligent debate (or where you put that cross!)

Are you now better informed about poverty, peace, human rights, global warming or world development?

Or are we just victims of a massive con-trick?

This never made it to the pulpit before the election:

Before you VOTE
Answer the following -

My party believes these issues are important:
• Clean streets
• Waiting lists
• Border controls
• School dinners
• Gypsies

I know what my party will do about:
• Nuclear weapons testing
• Arms sales to China
• World poverty and disease
• The collapsing Antarctic ice-shelf
• Runaway greenhouse gasses
• The projected extinction of 25% of all mammals

And finally:
• I am confident my party has its priorities right.
• I believe the electoral system allows me to voice my concerns!

This was the February - March 05 pulpit message about the Iraq elections:


Iraq's forced elections and sham democracy are the result of America's hunger for oil.

Burning oil results in global warming.

Which will result in a 20% rise in temperature* and we have just ten years* left to put it right.

Taking the oil isn't just bad for Iraq - it will kill us all!

(* = latest estimate)

This was the winter 04/05 pulpit message:

Falluja - the shape of things to come

Armed with the blessing of America, Mr Bush is proceeding with renewed enthusiasm to kill all those who disagree with his foreign policy.

Not even calling them terrorists, he refuses to count the bodies.

We just stand by and count the cities.

On the relection of George Bush, November 04 - this message was replaced when he attacked Falluja.

Here are the results of the US election:

Arms dealers Iraqi civillians
Oil companies Kyoto treaty
The rich

The poor

Corporate sponsorship Democracy
GM corporations The environment
Star Wars World peace

This was the September 04 pulpit message:
(Ongoing slaughter in Iraq, climate change beginning to reach the mainstream media...)

Terrorism or climate change
Which is the greater threat?

Last year:

625 deaths from terrorst attacks
160,000 deaths attributed to global warming

It is in the interests of the major powers to emphasise the first, and downplay the second. We are being manipulated for political gain.

Remember those whose deaths did not reach our television screens.