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How we live:

Since the community moved to Stapleton in 1921, we have lived in sympathy with our surroundings in a way that is now described as organic and ecological.

We don't hold services - some of us are atheists, but we all feel that what you believe should be expressed in the way you live your life.

We rarely hold meetings, preferring to talk over a meal or a cup of tea.

Because only some of us live here, most of our trustees, members and friends visit us - we have a few caravans, spare rooms, camping space, etc for people to stay in. People come here for a few days or a few weeks, and help out if they are able, or just come to give us support.

Right now, because of Len's death, we are asking people who don't know us already to make their first visit a short one - maybe a couple of days or so.

We grow much of our own food and never use any pesticides or artificial fertilizers. We do not eat the animals who live with us. We reserve areas of the land for wildlife. All the people who live here are vegetarians. During the summer we sell some of our surplus produce and in the winter we sell home-grown christmas trees. There are usually eggs and honey for sale.

All the buildings here were built by us, from mainly recycled materials. Several times, the houses were pulled down by the authorities, and always they have been rebuilt. We have a well for drinking water and collect rainwater in large tanks for washing; we use these where we can, in preference to our mains water supply. We prefer to re-use and repair things rather than throwing them away and replacing them - consumerism is a waste of the earth's resources. We compost everything we can, recycle most things which don't degrade, and use composting toilets. How we aim to live would best be described nowadays as ecological and low-impact - if you've never been here before, don't expect high-tech visitor facilities!