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Events and activities:

Strawberry Tea
The last annual Strawberry Tea was held in 2005, it was a peace gathering (First Sunday in July) to which everyone was welcome, but due to Len's death and previous illness, we did not have one last year and will not be holding one this year. We have also temporarily suspended other events, such as the autumn bonfire. See what the future brings!

Recent events:

Len Gibson's funeral, Sunday 11 February 2007, Len died on 3rd February. We held a large funeral gathering and he is now buried in the burial area of the field, where he wanted to be.

We are affiliated to CND and War-Resisters International, for whom we raise money.

There is a building called The Knitting Room in which meetings are held, and other facilities are available when required.


Throughout the years we have published many leaflets and several books about peace, philosophy, injustice and the wrongs of the government. Some of our work has led to our members being imprisoned for writing about peace, refusing to fight and objecting to the government's tax policies.