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Older pulpit messages:

These messages start from 2002. We'll put more on when we get time.

This was the July 04 pulpit message:

Freedom of choice?

I have a right to fly anywhere I want for a holiday,
and to drive a 4x4 vehicle whenever I feel like it.

If I destroy the planet in doing so, that is my right.

This was the June 04 pulpit message:
(On the handover of Iraq at the end of June)

Is Iraq free?
Of course not!

Control of Iraq has just been "handed over" to a team of people hand-picked by the US government.

There can be no fair elections while the US rules by the back door.

This was the April/May 04 pulpit message:
(On the relevations of the abuses of prisoners by US soldiers and their contractors.)

The Coalition - a model example?

If you invade a country because you disagree with:

Their human rights abuses
Their use of WMDs
and the exploitation of their resources

You should be in the position to hold your own head up high.....

This was the March 04 pulpit message:


We started bombing and killing in Iraq.
To stop them using their WMDs on us.
. . . or so we were told . . .
And we demand an apology!

This was the February 04 pulpit message:


Detaining people and depriving them of their rights is a crime against humanity.

Letting this happen and saying nothing is to destroy everything which makes us human!

This was the Winter 03/04 pulpit message:

Bush must do the following:
Stop selling arms to corrupt regimes
Release the detainees in Guantanamo Bay
Stop destroying the environment
End the subsidies which caused the WTO talks to collapse

Withdraw court action to force us to grow GM
Admit the claim that Iraq had WMDs was false
and stop giving away their resources to his friends.

Then, and only then, will we consider welcoming him into our country.

This was the Autumn 2003 pulpit message:
(On the latest efforts by the government to involve us in more slaughter on an international scale)

DSEi arms fair - unnecessary evil

The government says selling arms benefits the economy.

Well so does drug-dealing and importing toxic waste.

But we don't have to subsidise them by half a billion pounds each year!

Trading in instruments of death is immoral, dangerous

This was the July 2003 pulpit message:
(During the government's so-called consultation on genetic modification)

Genetically modified future

Weedkiller resistant crops result in increased weedkiller use.
Which means more poisons in our food,
And no wildflowers in the fields.
The insects and birds will disappear,
And we will be left with super-resistant weeds.
Our honey will be contaminated and our organic farms will be forced to close.

The only benefits of GM crops are for the GM corporations.
GM crops are NOT better for you and they CANNOT BE CONTAINED!

This was the May/June 2003 pulpit message:
(About the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq)

A question of priorities

Iraq's nuclear facilities are being ransacked and its uranium is being stolen. But don't worry, the oilfields are well guarded!

Please remind us again -

This was the April 2003 pulpit message:
(About the result of the invasion of Iraq)

Are you satisfied now?

No water, no electricity
No food, no money
No government

And NO WMDs!

This was the March 2003 pulpit message:

Which country:

Does not have a democratically elected leader?
Tortures and kills prisoners of war?
Jails its own people for 50 years for stealing videotapes?
Executes children and the mentally ill?
Refused to become a member of the International Criminal Court?
Spends more on arms than the next leading 20 countries?
Stockpiles weapons of mass destruction?
Sells arms to regimes harbouring terrorists?
Provides chemical and biological weapons for countries to use on their own people?
Uses nuclear weapons?
Invades other countries at will?
Enforces their doctrines on the rest of the world?

(The US seeks world domination for profit with disregard for humanity and the rest of the planet.)

This was the February 2003 pulpit message:
(About the imminent attack on Iraq)


General BUSH and General BLAIR and their CHILDREN will sit in SAFETY while OTHER PEOPLE and their CHILDREN DIE in a WAR for WHAT ?
(1) To rid the world of weapons of mass destruction?
(2) To gain control of more OIL ?
PROTEST NOW !!!!!!!!

Don't let the GREED of the GENERALS cost the INNOCENT their LIVES !!!!!!!!!

This was the January 2003 pulpit message:

Only a matter of time....

America holds by far the greatest stockpile of WMDs, and has therefore appointed itself as the judge, jury and executioner for the rest of the world.

It has, along with the UK, announced it is prepared to use nuclear weapons on anyone it considers a threat - regardless of who strikes first.

The test ban treaty has fallen apart - America is about to resume testing nuclear weapons, with half a dozen countries aiming to follow their lead.

The only way to prevent a nuclear catastrophe is to demand a total world disarmament of ALL nuclear, biological and chemical weapons now - BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE

This was the December 2002 pulpit message:

Son of Star Wars in Yorkshire?

The US have just stated that they are prepared to use nuclear weapons if they think fit.

We are now being 'consulted' on whether to let the US use Fylingdales and Menwith Hill for their Son of Star Wars programme.

Please tell the government to spend the £10 billion set aside for it on peace and aid instead - this is nothing but an open declaration of war!

We wish you a happy christmas and a peaceful new year.

This was the November 2002 pulpit message:

The Siege in Russia

Yet another example of a small and violently oppressed minority being driven to extremes by the failure of their peaceful protests.

Yet another example of a major power getting away with using so-called weapons of mass destruction.

Yet again - violence against violence - and everyone loses!

This was the October 2002 pulpit message:

Do we want Star Wars?
Do we want junk food?
Do we want to plunder the Earth's resources?
Do we want to be run by big corporations?
Do we want the US to invade other countries?
Do we think the US sets a good example?


August/September 2002 pulpit message:

The US hold weapons of mass destruction.
They attack and invade other countries.

They are the ONLY NATION EVER to have used nuclear weapons - remember Hiroshima!

They are the REAL terrorists - if we support them, what does that make us?

July 2002 pulpit message:

Blood and money

Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is inhuman.

While it is terrible to be a suicide bomber, it is just as terrible to drive someone to it.

But what is unforgivable is for Blair and Bush to sell arms and profit from their pain. Their so-called ethical foreign policy is nothing but murder for money!

June 2002 pulpit message:
(About the crisis between India and Pakistan)

Is money more important than life?

In Kashmir war is imminent. It may be a nuclear war.

There has been plenty of warning - after three previous wars, this one has been building up for many years.

Yet Britain sells arms to both sides.

Even now the British government refuses to suspend the sale of 60 Hawk jets to India.

Britain is the second largest arms exporter in the world (after the US).

Without weapons, wars don't happen.